Auto Only Auction – Earns $15,815


Hartville, Ohio September 2, 2010
Media Partner negotiated an on-air and online advertising dollar trade agreement with a local dealership in exchange for a 2009 Honda Civic LX 4 door automatic. Trade value was determined by the dealer’s current selling price of vehicle. As a collective team, the station heavily promoted this auto auction on all seven stations, web sites, and posted on Twitter, gaining 69 bids and 940 page views.
NeoFill created a custom auto auction web site that would best showcase and enhance this vehicle. NeoFill’s auction platform features proxy bidding which has proven to increase revenue by up to 25%.

  • Secure a dealer who understands how the program works and agrees to trade a new or used auto in exchange for on-air/online advertising
  • Start bidding at 20 - 30% of Retail Value
  • Heavily promote on all stations and web sites, using DJ’s to pump up listening audience
  • Boost unique views and bids by adding several images and include all necessary information
  • Fees to NeoFillBids - 10% of 10% of selling price:
  • Example: Selling price $15,000 (final bid price)
  • Customer is charged 10% on Credit Card - $1,500 (balance due or dealer)
  • NeoFill fees $150.00

NeoFillBids is an online auction platform owned and operated by NeoFill, LLC, an Ohio-based fulfillment center specializing in discount gift certificates for companies across America. NeoFillBids is an excellent way to attract new merchants and gain additional revenue for your station.