Creating Genuine Marketing Partnerships

What does genuine marketing look like to your clients? Are you able to actually individualize the local merchant buy? What if they start out by letting you know they don't have a budget for marketing? Do you move them to the "try again sometime soon list" and move on?
It's too easy to skip over the local businesses when it comes to advertising. Wouldn't it be easier to just look for the larger accounts to be sure that budgets are met and schedules are filled? Is it even worth it to approach a local small business?
With the NeoFill suite of products in your pocket, it sure is!!
When local merchants don't have the kind of budget that is needed for a full blown advertising campaign, NeoFill provides the options that allow for customized marketing options, creating not only an advertising client but also a marketing partner. Becoming partners with local merchants changes the landscape of the community at large, inserts the station into the lives of the listeners and displays community concern for everyone to see. Don't be mistaken, these small businesses can assure success in every market.
If you're looking for a way to engage new clients and make a difference in your community while creating customized marketing for your accounts, you need NeoFill.
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