We've got your revenue roadmap for this summer covered

Are you ready to make over $30,000 this summer? We’ve compiled a list of our top selling campaign ideas that are proven to make at least $30,000.

Foodie Friday:

Summer is the perfect time to dine al fresco and what a better way to dine than for half the price! For twelve weeks, secure a new “Foodie Fav” for each Friday.

This is the perfect time of year to think of outdoor restaurants, ice cream parlors, pizza and burger shops, and of course the fine dining establishments. The key is proper packaging. Make sure the offer fits the restaurant.

As an example, present fine dining as a $100 voucher selling for $50 and an ice cream parlor setup as a $50 value with denomination (5) $10 vouchers selling for $25.

Your foodies will thank you!

Summer Fun Card:

Secure five to ten local businesses that are on every child’s to do list this summer and create a kid approved, power-packed promotion offering your audience the opportunity to experience each place of business for one low price.

Best performing establishments include aquariums, children’s museum, miniature golf, indoor inflatables or trampoline parks, movie theaters, paintball, water parks, and zoos.

Choose NeoFill’s custom card stock to match the elite look and feel of your campaign – view sample below. This fits perfectly inside a wallet and a great idea to use as a gift as well.

Summer Online Auctions:

What an amazing way to exceed your third quarter digital budget. Auctions are flexible and scalable so it makes sense for your company! One item alone can generate over $10,000 in revenue!

Check out our best auction categories for the summer that include family fun, home improvement, staycations, vehicles and much more!

Golf is a Hole in One:

If you would like to make at least $50,000+, running a golf promotion is for you! Everyone loves to golf or knows someone who does. Now is the time to start planning your spring Golf Tour campaign.

Car Auctions:

Cars ALWAYS sell and not just new cars!