A Golf Tour Promotion is a Hole in One

If you would like to make at least $50,000+, this promotion is for you!

Everyone loves to golf or knows someone who does.
Now is the time to start planning your spring Golf Tour promotion.

Make a difference this Quarter!

Work with multiple golf courses and create a fantastic “Golf Tour” promotion that allows your audience to play golf at well-known courses in your area for half the price.

  • Avg. Media Company revenue: $50,000+
  • Cash free investment for golf courses
  • Great value for your audience
  • Perfect for spring or Father’s Day campaign

Elite Look and Feel.

Golf cards are printed on a thick glossy stock that make for durable cards and will give your Golf Tour Promotion an elite look and feel.

  • Completely Customizable Design
  • Include participating golf courses logo
  • We can design on request
  • Durable Premium stock
  • Fits easily in wallets

Individual Golf Campaigns.

Make An Extra $30,000 Gross

  • Feature a new golf course each week for twelve weeks.
  • Each course receives a promotional package from your company in exchange for advertising. We suggest a round of golf with cart.
  • The quantity is based on the value amount of the promotional package.
  • Everyone loves to golf or knows someone who does.
  • This creates additional spending with your customers as well as knowing that they get to play a round of golf with a cart for a great value!

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