Below you'll find some of the new and exciting features that may be available on your auction. Be sure to keep an eye out for the badges below on the front page of the auction's site. This will let you know what features are active for the auction.
For any help with your new account, feel free to contact our customer service department. You can reach us at 1.866.311.9806 Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm EST.

Auto Pay

When you register for the auction, you will enter your payment information. After winning an item, you will have 72 hours to manully pay for item. If no payment has been made after that time, an automatic payment will be made with the payment information provided.

Buyer's Premium

In an effort to bring you the best items possible, the site may charge a buyer’s premium. This is a percentage of the winning bid and will help cover the cost of the auction. The actual percentage amount is posted on the homepage of this site.

Extended Bidding

Whenever there is a bid in the final minutes of the auction, the bidding time for that particular item will be extended by five additional minutes. Each time a bid is placed, the bidding time will be extended until no new bids are placed. You will know that the item has been extended by the change of close time as well as a notice that will appear on the item stating “Bidding has been extended on this item”.

Same Day Pay

This is a new special feature that allows the bidder, to enter their payment information as they register on the site. After winning the item they will have the remainder of the day following the auction to make manual payment arrangements. All items that remain unpaid for at the end of the day will be automatically charged to the credit card on file.

Whole Dollar Bidding

All bid amounts must be made in whole dollars.