We've got your revenue roadmap for this summer

NeoFill has geared up major sale campaigns for this summer, and we are giving you a sneak peek! If you can’t beat them, join them. At least that is how the saying goes. This summer reach out to local businesses that thrive during the warm season (i.e. ice cream parlors). Get festive and promote a variety of weeks that are built around the love of food; your foodies will thank you (i.e. burger week, pizza week, and wing week).

Boats, RV’s, summer camps, stay-cations, and home improvement are just a few ideas to spark an amazing online auction success story! If you haven’t looked at online auction – now is the time!

A Golf Tour Campaign is a Hole in One

If you would like to make at least $50,000+, this promotion is for you! Everyone loves to golf or knows someone who does. Now is the time to start planning your spring Golf Tour campaign.

Celebrate important people and unforgettable moments

Make an extra $20,000 with great ideas for Moms, Dads & Grads!

Reward Your Foodies with Summer Favorites

Secure twelve well-known restaurants in the area that are often visited during the summer months.

Revenue driven campaigns for summer fun in the sun

Begin your Summer Fun Spectacular on a set date, or anytime between June - Septemeber.