Auction Platform Upgraded: NeoFillBids 2.0

NeoFillBids has upgraded their high quality, easy-to-use auction site that provides the ability to solicit hard goods and services from a wide variety of merchant categories to generate revenue from the sale of goods and services.
A few of the enhancements include:

  1. Modern Redesign: The entire sites layout has been given a  modern look and feel that is easier to navigate and better to look at.

  3. Rotating Banner: This feature can be used for additional ad space, registration sign ups, promotion of contests or sweepstakes, and more. When bidders come to the auction site it’s one of the main features they see. Designing an eye catching sign-up banner or featuring a hot item will help grab customer’s attention to sign up and bid!


  1. Social Media Functions: Promote your station through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and have your bidders connect with you. Bidders can share items with friends which will help items be seen by more people and increase bidding.
  1. Search Bar: Allows bidders to search the auction site for their favorite items. This feature helps bidders find items quickly without having to search the entire site. It’s quick and easy!


  1. Custom Branding: This feature allows you to customize your branding in the header and footer of the auction site. It gives your station more areas for branding to help customers recognize your station easily and keep coming back.

NeoFill is always improving and looking for ways to enhance their products and services. Not only does this new design look great, it helps partners generate revenue and increase subscribers through the new design and layout.