TicketFill Capabilities

NeoFill - your complete Ticketing Solution!

NeoFill was designed with you in mind and in many cases, at your request!  Our purpose is to assist you in ALL of your revenue generating efforts.
NeoFill’s TicketFill is a full service, high-quality solution that can design custom tickets for your local concerts, sporting, community and charity events, and special appearances.
Print and Mail - our tickets have magnetic strips, sequential numbering and holographic security print.  The tickets will be sent to the purchaser upon payment.
Print for Station - we will gladly print a bulk number of tickets for will call or station use even if you don't sell them on our platform.
Print on Demand - Upon payment, a link will be sent to the payer that can be followed to print a ticket. These print on demand tickets have a unique QR code that should be redeemed to protect the integrity of the ticket.
This code can also be pulled up on a cell phone for redemption if printing is not possible.
Purchaser List - If tickets aren't necessary, you will be able to simply print a list of purchasers to keep on hand at the entrance to your event.
Pre-printed Tickets - Already have tickets that you need to sell?  Tickets can be sent to NeoFill for sale.  We will put them into inventory and mail them to the purchasers at time of payment and return to you any unsold tickets.
If you don't see your desired type of fulfillment listed, please let us know, we'll work with you to fullfill your ticket order in the way that works best for your event!
Click Here to view a NeoFill printed Ticket
Click Here to view a Print on Demand Ticket
Click Here to see a Sample TicketFill site
If you would like more information about ticketing, please click here!