Generate Holiday Digital Revenue

As a media station, to be able to utilize your time, try securing one big ticket item. A recent study from the National Retail Federation shows an increase for online shopping up 10-12%. This year, how can you tap into an increase of your annual revenue? ONLINE AUCTIONS! This is great for breaking the barrier for people who don’t particularly like to shop for clothes online. Trying to find a specific dress, shoes, or jeans sizes is much different than buying skydiving tickets. It’s much easier to make those shy online buyers more confident to purchase these adventures gifts.
The great thing about NeoFill and the platforms we offer is how you don’t need a big sales team to generate $20-60,000! By offering a few top selling items, you’ll be able to increase your digital revenue. As we proactively see other stations succeeding in these categories, we want to share that with others who can’t see this working out and boost selling moral! Trust in the process, trust NeoFill, trust our sales team that we are there with you in each auction and our other platforms!