HalfOffDeals.com has teamed up with NASCAR to help local media companies get a LAP AHEAD of the competition!

HalfOffDeals.com is a zip code driven, media-powered national deal site created by NeoFill.

“Come along for the Ride!”

YOU need more email subscribers, and we are doing that for you- just come along for the ride!
At NeoFill, we are leading an email marketing campaign to increase your email database and to promote national deals that will be attractive to your audience. The competitors are out pitching databases 10 times the size of yours already. By increasing your email database, everybody wins, and together we block out the competition.

Overview of the promotion:

The ride will begin on February 26, 2011 in Phoenix, AZ when HalfOffDeals.com debuts the HalfOffDeals.com 01 Chevrolet car driven by the veteran Mike Wallace! This is a huge opportunity for our media partners and you are invited to, “Come along for the ride!”
We are investing national dollars to drive more traffic to your sites- funded by national deals, not local deals. You will reap the benefits, all while increasing your email database. As a valued partner, we are including your media company in this exciting national promotion. Cheer for the HalfOffDeals.com race car on the Nationwide NASCAR Series as we race to the finish line with weekly deal savings along the way, with local opportunities to include:

  •  Text to Win! Ultimate Fan Experience (co-promoted on the HalfOffDeals.com 01 Chevrolet race car, during the race and on your deals site TEXT “RACE” to 90210.
  • Enhance your weekly deal promotion for your merchants by tying them into the national Half
  • Off Deals exposure they will receive around race week.
  • Weekly Driver Interview on Sirius radio- 30 minute show where Mike Wallace will promote HalfOffDeals.com and encourage people to check out the zip code driven, media-powered HalfOffDeals.com website (station interviews available)
What can media do to help?
  • Feature a link to our HalfOffDeals.com on your station’s web site.
  • Run:15, :30 and :60 spots in open inventory on your stations
  • Get your merchants in the “Pole Position.” Launch them during race week, and take advantage of the national exposure and increase the number of deals and/or certificates offered during race weeks.