NeoFill is ALL IN

Just a Company from Akron but a Champion Nationally
NeoFill has been partnering with media groups across the country for nearly 20 years. Our team has nationally recognized members to ASSIST in REBOUNDING from summer budget shortages so that you can SCORE.
NeoFill's Online Platforms including Discount Deals, Auctions and Ticketing Solutions have helped raise millions and millions of dollars in digital revenue.
There is strength in numbers and when using NeoFill's platforms, these numbers are low. Our platforms can be used by small teams for only a few items and still be very successful in raising over $100,000.00 in one week. Our team will help you put the DAGGER in the budget and not just spin around the rim.
Call us this week so you can be ALL IN with NeoFill doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to raise summer revenue!
Our team is waiting for you.