Seasonal Campaign Ideas- Custom Printing

New Custom Branded Printing for Your Campaigns

NeoFill offers custom branded cards that have an elite look and feel to help boost company identity. With double sided, fully coated, durable premium stock, you have the ability to tailor-make your custom cards. Custom cards are unique ways to showcase each promotion and brand company image.
Create a unique multi-business campaign this winter using some of these examples!


Partner with multiple businesses to create a special campaign that is bundled into one exciting promotion to generate amazing revenue! Secure five to ten local businesses of similar nature for winter adventures, such as ski/snowboarding cards, wine/brewery tours, and ice-skating cards!
Spring is quickly approaching! Prepare for your Spring campaign by securing five to ten local golf courses, creating a unique golf card opportunity.
Give your audience the opportunity to purchase these elite cards featuring the exciting places of interest that allows them to enjoy a visit/experience to each for one low price. Local businesses receive an amazing marketing package in exchange for a set amount of admissions to their establishment. Your company earns all of the revenue from the promotion, while your audience enjoys special times with family and friends during each season!

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