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Social media platforms have entirely transformed the way people communicate and engage with companies. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow companies to display transparency and candor to their potential and existing audience. Believe it or not, your presence on social platforms matter! Social Media Examiner expert Michael Stelzner found in July of 2016 “90% of marketers said that social media is important to their businesses.” Here are some NeoFill tips to integrate social media into your marketing campaign and promote your media group’s discount deal and online auction programs.


Facebook continues to have the most active users than any other social site. According to Zephoria Digital Marketing July 2016 statistics, “worldwide, there are over 1.71 billion monthly active Facebook users”. Here are some tips to remember when logging on to Facebook.

  • Use appealing, high-quality pictures and videos with your posts to attract more views.
  • Know your audience. Become “friends” with the local restaurants, salons, breweries, and other merchants.
  • Research the best times to post on Facebook to ensure your audience won’t miss the deals or auction!
  • Update your “About” section with valuable information about the company. Keep it simple.
  • Choose an engaging profile picture and cover photo.


Twitter offers immediacy and adaptability. Customers desire fast responses. Twitter is a great way to communicate with all customers and/or clients, and stay up to date with trends.

  • Tweet out content about live and upcoming deals and auctions using direct links and captivating pictures.
  • Use a scheduler like Hootsuite or Buffer to stay consistent.
  • Respond to customers, and really everyone, who wants to learn more.
  • Use #hashtags to increase your views and engagement.
  • Create a personal bio. This may seem obvious, but is essential as it is often the first section viewers go to.
  • Select an exciting, relevant profile picture.
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Instagram administers a photo and video platform, allowing companies to share picture-perfect updates and moments with their followers.

  • Post images about your deals and auctions using fun videos linking to your site.
  • Construct a photo contest for followers to win prizes!
  • Create your own pictures through an image programmer for unique appeal.
  • Follow your followers back. Psst…this goes for every social platform!
  • Find a balance between posting “business” pictures and posting “fun” images.

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