Summer Survival Guide

Summer with the family is the ultimate dream, but there are still revenue goals to meet and sales to close.  We have a Summer Survival Guide all planned out, so you’ll be able to enjoy the summer sunsets with your family. NeoFill specializes in generating revenue for media stations through creative business solutions.
With a staff full of people who specializes in digital marketing solutions, we can help raise $25,000 for one month or during each month all summer with no upfront fees or costs. Our resources can help encourage sales with every client and as a partner, we will provide set up, resources for ticketing options, auctions, deals, storefronts and more. With a nationally recognized customer service team to go with it, along with complimentary training.  Go ahead and allow the sales team time to sit back, plan a vacation with family, go camping, or enjoy the summer weather and let Neofill help with the revenue goals.
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