The Perfect Time

We have all heard the quote, “timing is everything”. And it’s true, isn’t it? Timing is what makes an assignment early or late, a fruit ripe or rotten, a proposal yes or no. And, timing can also make your posts successful or failures.
So how do you keep your content floating in a news feed that insists on sinking it?
Here are 5 tips to post at the perfect time:
-Take advantage of your Facebook insights and look at the times your followers are on and when  
-Choose the time you post carefully, you don’t want your content getting drowned out by their friends and family nor do you want them to be
-If your business offers a product, research when your target market does most of their online shopping
-Note when your followers engage your customer service the most, and be ready
-Keep your content relevant, the Olympics are coming on soon, take advantage!
How do you keep your posts "above water"?