Work Less This Summer…

...and still make the same amount of revenue!

Don't consider the number of items in an auction as the criteria, many auctions can do well with only a few items that have a higher retail value. During the summer months when many of your staff members are on vacation, capitalize on large value items to carry your auction revenue.
The following items have a proven success on NeoFill's auction platform and would be a great item to sell in a smaller auction.
RV - Trailer Both Sales and Rentals do well
Boats - Motor or Fishing, Jet ski or Pontoon, Electric or Gas, Inboard or Outboard, INCLUDE A HAULER!
Motorcycles/ Scooters - Include value for an included helmet and jacket!
Automobiles - ALL SORTS!! ALWAYS SELL!!
As always, NeoFill is available to assist with tips to secure the merchant (link to the one-sheet on autos), Offering alternate financing options and Monetizing the Site (maybe we have a one sheet on this too?)
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