You're Cordially Invited to Increase Your Digital Revenue in 2017

What are you doing for the holidays?

Running A Wedding EXPO in 2017- Take It To The Next Level With NeoFill
  • BOOST Consumer Interest & Exposure
  • INCREASE Spending
  • EXPAND Vendor Participation
  • MONETIZE Digital Revenue

Engage the Expo Audience with a customizable auction experience! Allow NeoFill to help build a tailored online auction site with several wedding items contributed by your local vendors. Grooms and Brides-To-Be are provided a chance in a lifetime to see the item first hand at the Expo and bid in a user-friendly auction. The winner can pay online using a credit card at the conclusion of the auction. The digital revenue is then YOURS and so is all the demographic information!

Auto Shows, New Parenting Expos, Bridal Fairs, Deer & Turkey Conventions, Holiday or Home & Garden Shows, Home Improvement Expos & Women's Fairs, will never be the same again! It's simple, easy to use, and most importantly… IT WORKS!

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