6 Tips To Sell More Deals This Fall

Ahh, it’s that time of year again. The brisk mornings, trees exploding with color and all the falling leaves. Yes! It’s time for fall clean up – of deals that is!  Here are a few steps to follow that will help generate sales from your leftover deals:

  1. Change a promotions name from just the merchant name to what the deal actually is. This more detailed description in the deals name helps push sales because people will know what they’re buying before clicking through.
  2. Change your automatic newsletters subject line to the deal descriptions in your Newsletter settings. Similar to the previous point, but this helps people know exactly what they’re opening.
    ** IMPORTANT NOTE Be sure to change the subject line back or it will continue to send out with the same subject line.
  3. Produce a manual newsletter highlighting exactly what the deal is and link it directly to the promotion page.
  4. Use a promotional code to give a discount on select items or the entire site.
  5. Discount select promotions outright. Sometimes a deal that has not sold well at one price, will move quickly at a lower price point.
  6. Send an HTML based newsletter to your database highlighting a code or the reduced pricing. This has proven EXTREMELY effective.