HalfOffDeals.com & Social Fan Wrap, Make Trades In A&E’s Network Social Barter Kings Challenge to Propel Contestant to Victory

(Hartville,Ohio) June 26, 2012 – HalfOffDeals.com, a division of NeoFill and its strategic partner Social Fan Wrap help contestant win the Social Barter Kings Challenge.  The A&E Network found five unique everyday influencers representing different passions like music, entertainment, finance and technology, and invited them to participate in the challenge to use their social networks and influence to barter up. The winning contestant, Josh Smith, started his trade with a $200 iPod Touch and maneuvered his way through the trade string to $40,000 to use with Social Fan Wrap.
HalfOffDeals.com traded Josh $20,000 in restaurant gift certificates for an associate sponsorship of the Mike Wallace #01 Chevrolet with JD Motorsports. The power of trade and partnerships led Josh to $40,000 worth of display advertising to feature a mosaic of consumer social media profile images on the hood of a NASCAR car using their creative marketing technique, Social Fan Wrap.
Jim Varga, co-founder of NeoFill and Social Fan Wrap, is a firm believer of providing value and positive experiences to consumers leveraging B2B partnerships that can drive new opportunities for all parties.
About HalfOffDeals.com
HalfOffDeals.com, proud winner of the About.com 2012 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Daily Deal Site, is a risk free B2B and B2C marketing solution that promotes, manages and fulfills discount deals to millions of consumers nationwide. HalfOffDeals.com provides a revenue generating business model for its merchant and affiliate partners to retain and attract new customers, while offering a positive experience to consumers.  For more information, visit http://www.HalfOffDeals.com.
About NeoFill LLC
NeoFill, headquartered in Hartville, Ohioand established in July 1999, is an e-commerce solutions company providing distribution, sales and marketing services to B2B and B2C customers, serving all markets throughout the United States.  The company specializes in e-commerce platforms that include the creation, fulfillment and distribution of discount deal experiences that benefit both businesses and consumers. NeoFill also markets solutions under the brand Half Off Deals.  For more information, visit https://www.neofill.com.
About Social Fan Wrap
Social Fan Wrap, established in 2011, is an internet technology marketing company that provides a social media advertising platform.  Social Fan Wrap developed a unique process that creates a mosaic from social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others, which then can be applied to automobiles, billboards, or any other large format mediums. Social Fan Wrap was created to help Corporate America understand the advantages of social media while developing creative marketing programs utilizing the latest technologies.  This type of creative marketing can provide a unique advertising opportunity for any brand. For more information, visit http://www.socialfanwrap.com.