A Very Timely Tip

NeoFill has been in the online auction business for about 10 years.

Over the years, we have learned and experienced how an online auction can be successful if implemented just right! We run auctions across the country and have recently concluded that the best time to close an auction is 1PM ON A BUSINESS DAY.
Passing along helpful information like this is just part of what we feel is our responsibility to you as you schedule your auctions with NeoFill.  We also take pride in providing an entire team to provide care to your customers and auction site as the auction is live of course, but also as the auction closes.

NeoFill is making a bold request of all stations, to set your auction to close at 1pm.

Setting your auction to close at 1pm will assure that:
1.    The most bidders are at their computers able to place a bid. (They can bid during their lunch hour).
2.    The customer service team will be standing by to answer any questions or assist your customers log in/ register etc.
3.    The IT team will be available to send emails, or update items as necessary.

The care and attention that NeoFill is able to offer to the close of your auction is worth setting time aside for.