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Prepare to grow your revenue dollars with these top selling auction categories

M.V.P. S.U.V. U.S.A. F.B.I. U.P.S. A.L.F. T.B.D.B.I.T.L. D.E.A. B.M.V. and R.O.I.

Of all the acronyms that we recognize right off the bat, ROI is the one that may be most common in sales meetings. Return on investment is the percentage of the retail value. Once the item has been sold and paid for, the winning bid amount is divided by the retail value. For instance, if an item with a retail value of $5,000.00 sold on the auction site for $3500.00 you would divide $3500.00 by $5000.00 to get the ROI of 70% which is quite good.
Don’t worry! We’ve done the math and included the cheat sheet at the bottom of the Dashboard page for your convenience. We have listed the categories that had the highest ROI and the lowest ROI from both the last year and the last scheduled selling time specific to your auction site. Please share this information with the Sales Team to assure that they have the categories with the highest return in mind as they are reaching out to new merchants.

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