Fill in your Annual Budget with NeoFill

Rather than going without all the pieces where you’ll still have gaps, call NeoFill. We're looking forward to standing in the gap for you. Since we've been doing this for decades, we have answers to probably all of your questions. 
Our Deal Platform is the largest part of our business. Typically items sell for half of their retail value on the site. So, by engaging 13 merchants to participate once a quarter, offering 100 vouchers, you'll reach your digital goals. And the station's estimated digital revenue increase is 130,000.00
Social Media is not going away so let's stop pretending that it doesn't matter. By posting and sharing in your social circles, the promotion of your items expands exponentially.
The Suite also has an auction platform that promotes sale of high dollar items. This generates revenue weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually.  Never underestimate the revenue generating possibilities of a well planned auction.  Some of our partners generate over 400,000.00 dollars a year on auctions. 
NeoFill's Seasonal campains can be scaled to fit your needs.  Because our team is on board, we'll walk this race with you and won't leave you stranded in unknown territory.  Specialized trainings and team refreshers are always complimentary. Supported with additional sales pieces for your team to use.
Call our sales team today at 866-311-9806