Two Tier Marketing made Easy

Studies done recently point to disclaimers on audio advertising being accepted by the typical consumer. Some customers are even finding it helpful when they are actively looking for a vehicle. The comments on the published study however, appear to disagree. Is this a case of a study gone wrong? Is there more than one side to this discussion? Are there any other options out there?
Maybe, yes and Absolutely !!
NeoFill offers a secondary platform for the 2 tier automotive audio advertising that is being so actively discussed. By partnering with a local merchant to offer a vehicle on an auction platform, the station is able to help guide the listener to "see for herself" to speak with the dealer and experience the disclaimers on a personal level where they can be slowly explained rather than than being quickly shouted at.
While studies say that sped up disclaimers are not negatively impacting the way we listen to ads, I think we all agree that if we have a vehicle to personally reach the potential customers it would be more effective. Well, you do! NeoFill provides bidders as well as a winner so that the dealer can reach out personally to those that have shown interest in the vehicle for sale.
Our local platform performs nationally to facilitate fleet sales as well.
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