Hartville, Ohio July 4, 2016
With appealing high-ticketed items, consistent promotion, and NeoFillBids’ user friendly auction platform, your media group is destined to bring in similar income! Online auctions provide a marketplace with conveniently available and affordable products that customers may not find anywhere else!  This one-week auction attracted over 2880 views and had 43 total bids just on one amazing item! The station secured a 2014 Ram 2500 SLT Truck Crew Cab from their local dealership, valued at $66K, and it sold for over $38K!  The unique item was crafted with a 6.4L V8 cylinder engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission.  Using just one of our accessible features, the station utilized the extended bidding option, where you can drive more bids in the last few minutes of the auction.  This one vehicle went into extended bidding, and earned an additional $1,000 in under 9 minutes!
This is a great illustration how media groups are able to monetize their digital assets in very little time.  This value-driven partnership can help any media group, no matter the size, transform their marketing campaign and exceed all revenue expectations.  You have the power to select the size of the auction you wish based on your market and allow us to do the rest for you.  Curate a (1) high-ticketed item auction or a large quarterly auction with a variety of promotions, whatever makes sense to fit your team.
By promoting a (1) high-valued item such as a vehicle, boat, ATV, or trailer, you can acquire thousands in income effortlessly! administers your auction for you, applying your preferences and serving all customers with our second-to-none Auction Customer Support team. We are not here to build clients; we are here to value a life-long partnership with you. One of our amazing new partners took advantage of our platform and commemorated our “time, guidance, and thoroughness” given to assist their station in “paving the way for a new revenue stream”. is an online Auction Platform that is available to all our media partners.
With the fall season just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your third quarter auctions! There is no better time for your audience to place their bids on family fun events such as pumpkin patch trips and hayrides.  For the sports’ lovers, it is tailgating season – list an item they’ll love winning - sports memorabilia, game tickets, grills, and more.  They’ll want to finish up that home improvement project before winter, so it’s a great time to list those high value home items and rake in the revenue!
NeoFillBids is owned and operated by NeoFill, LLC, a Northeast Ohio based digital marketing company, specializing in generating ecommerce programs for media groups nationwide.  NeoFillBids is a manageable tool to utilize this summer to help your media company attract local businesses, engage your current audience, and earn automated digital earnings! Once you are ready to launch your auction, the team at NeoFill is eager to set you up for success!
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