NeoFill's Online Auction Platform – Monetize Digital Assets

Effortless Flow of Income- How Online Auctions can Engage Audiences and Monetize Digital Assets
Want supercharged, automated summer revenue? Allow NeoFill to help you monetize your digital assets by creating a scalable auction for your media group through NeoFill's Online Auction Platform! According to a recent article by eMarketer, the “automotive [industry] continues to rank as the second-largest industry segment in the U.S. for digital ad spending after retail”.  The U.S. Automotive Industry’s digital ad spending is only expected to increase this next year!  With this insight, this is the perfect time to reach out to your local dealer and secure a vehicle for a summer auction!
Did you know through NeoFill's online auction platform,, you can select the size of the auction based on your market? You can create a (1) high-ticketed item auction or a large quarterly auction with a variety of promotions. This summer, promote just (1) high-valued item such as a vehicle, boat, ATV, or trailer using our online auction platform and acquire thousands in digital revenue in very little time!
Attract local businesses, engage your current audience, and increase your digital revenue with NeoFill this summer! Local businesses receive an amazing promotional package from your media company, your audience is able to bid and win items, and your station generates effortless revenue! Win-Win-Win!
NeoFill is more than capable and eager to help you increase your digital assets! Now it is our turn to hear more about you! Connect with us today at or give us a call at 866-311-9806!