Sales Assistant Wins 7” Tablet in Auction Scheduling Contest

Kerrie Kelley, Hartford Connecticut

Kerrie Kelley, a sales assistant from Hartford, Connecticut, recently won a 7” tablet for participating in NeoFill’s auction scheduling contest. The contest, which was announced at the end of December 2013, ran through January 20, 2014, with the winner being selected January 21. Participants entered the contest by scheduling an auction to run in 2014 using NeoFill’s auction platform. Each auction scheduled before January 20 was one entry.
After enjoying six successful auctions in 2013 with net revenue of just over $100,000, Kerrie scheduled six more auctions for 2014. She beat the odds, which were tipped in favor of Renee Clark, a digital content director in Binghamton, New York. Renee, a national expert in weekly auctions, had scheduled 54 auctions for 2014 by January 20. Renee’s market is thriving and their weekly auctions have turned into a well-oiled revenue machine.
The friendliest rivalry was between Ashleigh Olguin of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Chad Scott of Louisville, Kentucky. At the time the contest was announced, Chad, who loves to be a winner, had already scheduled seven auctions for 2014. Ashley couldn’t let him win without a fight, and soon, the two were scheduling more auctions and sending notes back to NeoFill to make sure they counted as entries. Even though neither of them won the grand prize, Ashleigh had the consolation of scheduling five more auctions than Chad, making her the winner between the two of them. Their friendly banter is a huge part of what makes NeoFill contests so much fun.
At the time of the contest’s closing, a total of 188 entries had been collected. NeoFill wishes all of our media partners a very successful year of auctions in 2014!
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