Spring/Summer Auction Ideas

Each year the Federal Government refunds nearly $125 BILLION dollars. Have you ever considered how this could help your bottom line? It may seem like a stretch, but it isn't at all!
As Americans receive their income tax refund checks, they are anxious to make the refund check go as far as possible in making their dreams come true.
This is a perfect recipe for a spectacular auction! Actually, NeoFill's Spring Auctions are the top performing auctions of the whole year, followed closely by Holiday Auctions.
Some of our best selling categories make perfect sense for Spring Auctions. Try Home Improvement items such as roofing, HVAC, Concrete, Siding and Gutters. How about Automobiles, Boats, RVs JetSkis or Motorcycles? With summer around the corner Outdoor Living, Landscaping, Firepits and Pools/ Spas do very well. And as always - TRAVEL. Think about where your friends are going on vacation and get an item from there! Then share it on Facebook or other social media. You could even be invited to go along!
It isn't too late, call our team to set up a Spring Auction now!