iHeart Media in Charlotte North Carolina raises over $100,000.00 in a single auction.
Hartville, Ohio March 24, 2018
iHeart Charlotte showed off their savvy during their January come back to the NeoFill Auction Platform.  Many items that had a high retail value, items that were universally desirable as well as a wide variety of items all contributed to the successful nature of the auction.
ATVs, Motorcycles, Lawn Tractors and Golf Carts got excellent bids and contributed to the overall success.  2 Jewelry Vouchers good for $4500.00 each both sold to different bidders at over 90% of the retail value with 60 bids EACH.  Because these items were vouchers and not a specific piece of jewelry, the bidding was extremely energetic and it paid off.
The auction that was heavily promoted on air, via email and through social media postings lasted one week which allowed the bidders to visit the merchant locations to see the items in person.  Increased traffic is just one of the benefits to participating merchants.  Other benefits include a customized digital page, a live link to their websites, promotion via email, social media and of course on air promotions, and not to mention the association with other businesses in the auction.
iHeart Charlotte embraced the less is more philosophy by only including about 120 items in the auction. And because the items had a mass appeal and a high retail value their efforts had a tremendous pay off and over 80% of the items were sold for an average over 50% of retail value.
The growing database of excited bidders will surely be anticipating the next auction and will be a fabulous foundation to build on.  NeoFill offers continual support and ongoing training to assure their progress is never-ending.
NeoFill offers over 300 categories and Charlotte had many of the top sellers included in their auction.  Categories such as ATVs, Golf Carts, Motorcycles, Travel, Jewelry and of course home based categories such as Lawn Equipment, HVAC, Home Improvement and Storage and Organization helped to draw bidders to the auction and the assortment of items enticed them into bidding.
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