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Charitable Giving

It is more important than ever to give back to your community.  Millennials are choosing to patronize those companies that are making a difference.  One way to do this is to partner with a local charity.  NeoFill’s HUG (Help Us Give) program will allow you to expand your charitable giving and impact the area around […]
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Seasonal Campaign Ideas for Media Stations

It’s time for some seasonal campaign ideas for all media stations. Fall is approaching, and students are going back to school.  It’s an endless cycle really and media stations are no exception. Organization needs to happen before the holiday rush is here and Fall is the perfect time to provide solutions. Your listening audiences needs […]
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Turn Fall Harvest into a Revenue Harvest

Fall is a time for harvest. Farmers have spent months cultivating crops and preventing weeds, likewise, marketing is the same. The advertising industry isn’t that much different. As we have spent months cultivating relationships, preventing drop off and stopping takeovers. Fall can be a great time of harvest for us too. NeoFill can help you […]
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Let's Get Down to Business This Fall

NeoFill has been generating revenue with media groups for nearly 20 years.  Because of close partnerships with some of the top rated media groups in the nation, we understand your business. With a programming team on staff, NeoFill has been able to perfect the revenue generating machine that is the NeoFill Suite. Markets in Milwaukee […]
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Ticket Fill to Concert Fill

Because we’ve been around for decades, we have the resources to accommodate all your ticketing needs. It’s a no brainier, to have a concert or event, you need an audience, likewise, you need tickets for them to get. For this reason, give our TicketFill a try for any charity, sporting, or concert event you’re hosting. […]
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Media Platform Summer Blowout Sale!

NeoFill is helping media groups raise revenue using summer inventory already on hand.  It’s simple!  Team up with NeoFill because we’ll help you clean up. NeoFill has been assisting clients all the while they’re generation revenue for over 15 years. We can help you earn extra revenue for your digital budget by the end of […]
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Don't Be Afraid of the 2018 Budget

Digital Marketing At Its Finest! Online Auctions · Discount Deals · Online Marketplace · Charitable Programs · Ticketing · Scalable & Seasonal Campaigns   Check Out What’s New →
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