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Seasonal Campaign Ideas for Media Stations

It’s time for some seasonal campaign ideas for all media stations. Fall is approaching, and students are going back to school.  It’s an endless cycle really and media stations are no exception. Organization needs to happen before the holiday rush is here and Fall is the perfect time to provide solutions. Your listening audiences needs […]
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Integrate Your Social Media

NeoFill’s  Best Tips To Update Your Social Media Platforms Social media platforms have entirely transformed the way people communicate and engage with companies. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow companies to display transparency and candor to their potential and existing audience. Believe it or not, your presence on social platforms matter! Social Media Examiner expert Michael Stelzner […]
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Seasonal Campaign Idea- Custom Card Opportunities

SEASONAL CAMPAIGN IDEAS Perfect for the fall season, partner with multiple businesses to create a special campaign that is bundled into one exciting promotion and proven to generate amazing revenue! Secure five to ten local businesses of similar nature such as hayride destinations, haunted houses, pumpkin patches, and wineries. Give your audience the opportunity to […]
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Fall Campaign Ideas- NeoFill's Tips

Fall Festivities, Haunted House, and Winery Card Campaigns Perfect for the fall season, create a special campaign that is proven to generate the revenue you need for 3rd and 4th quarter. Package well-known businesses that are popular during the fall. Ideas include wineries, pumpkin patches, hayrides, and haunted houses.  Using these fall campaign ideas, create a unique […]
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