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Unfreeze Your Possibilities

Don’t let Jack Frost freeze your digital revenue this year, partner with NeoFill and we’ll help you unfreeze your creativity. While we will help you create deals for the seasons, you’ll gain the followers that will love the promotions. Due to our two decades of experience, we have platforms available, along with seasonal campaigns, for […]
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Generate Holiday Digital Revenue

As a media station, to be able to utilize your time, try securing one big ticket item. A recent study from the National Retail Federation shows an increase for online shopping up 10-12%. This year, how can you tap into an increase of your annual revenue? ONLINE AUCTIONS! This is great for breaking the barrier […]
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It’s time to plan for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Imagine a holiday season with a different deal each day, your followers participating in auctions and your digital revenue reaping the benefits. NeoFill can help make this holiday season your best revenue season ever. Because NeoFill is equipped with a full team that has a programmer, a web developer, and a customer service, we deliver […]
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Santa's Nice List, Check It Twice!

Do you feel like Santa’s helper trying to fill a budget stocking?  NeoFill can help you be sure your Holiday Stockings are filled to the brim! NeoFill offers many revenue generating platforms that can be customized for branding and station identity purposes.  But we don’t stop there, we also offer complimentary training for each of the […]
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You're Holidays Invitation!

NeoFill asks what are you doing for the Holidays? Here is a personal invitation to start new platforms with us today! When: Fourth Quarter Where: Right in your Hometown How: NeoFill’s Digital Revenue Platforms – Deals, Online Auctions, Marketplace, and TicketFill Why: Fill Your Stockings with $30-400k in a year or a month with auctions […]
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NeoFill is a WIN WIN WIN for the Fall

Fall is approaching and it’s the perfect time to provide solutions to your listening audience’s needs. Because in the fall, we have a so many needs! With cleaning, organizing, and starting a new season.  Contact NeoFill for a solution that will allow you to meet the needs of your advertising clients all while also meeting the […]
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Perfection in Pairing

Perfectly pair a favorite dish and beverage. This creates a unique dining experience. Rather than just a simple offer, let your followers dine with ease. Perfection in Pairing. Allow NeoFill to offer great tips. Tips like how to combine deals at local restaurants. All the while you provide local businesses a package. A risk-free promotional […]
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Fill in your Annual Budget with NeoFill

Rather than going without all the pieces where you’ll still have gaps, call NeoFill. We’re looking forward to standing in the gap for you. Since we’ve been doing this for decades, we have answers to probably all of your questions.  Our Deal Platform is the largest part of our business. Typically items sell for half […]
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Perfect Pairing

Perfect Pairing Perfectly Pair local merchant’s favorite dish and beverage to enhance unique dining experiences! Allow NeoFill to offer great tips on how to accentuate great pairing combinations at local restaurants. Provide local businesses a risk-free promotional package from your media company, and receive exclusive offers. This offers your audience an opportunity to uniquely dine […]
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Custom Card Opportunities

DID YOU KNOW? NeoFill offers customizable gift cards to help boost company identity. With double sided, fully coated, durable premium stock, you have the ability to tailor-make your custom cards. Custom cards are unique ways to showcase each promotion and brand company image. Create a unique multi-business campaign this fall using some of these examples! […]
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