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Seasonal Campaign Ideas for Media Stations

It’s time for some seasonal campaign ideas for all media stations. Fall is approaching, and students are going back to school.  It’s an endless cycle really and media stations are no exception. Organization needs to happen before the holiday rush is here and Fall is the perfect time to provide solutions. Your listening audiences needs […]
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5…4…3…2…1… Countdown to SUMMER!

According to a national travel agency publication, Allianz Global, vacationers spent a range of $1,373 to $2,628 on summer vacations in 2017 (up 10% over the previous year). If you’re not sure about what to do this summer for your station’s digital revenue goals, NeoFill has created an auction solution so that items such as vacations, […]
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Summer Survival Guide

Summer with the family is the ultimate dream, but there are still revenue goals to meet and sales to close.  We have a Summer Survival Guide all planned out, so you’ll be able to enjoy the summer sunsets with your family. NeoFill specializes in generating revenue for media stations through creative business solutions. With a […]
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Spring/Summer Auction Ideas

Each year the Federal Government refunds nearly $125 BILLION dollars. Have you ever considered how this could help your bottom line? It may seem like a stretch, but it isn’t at all! As Americans receive their income tax refund checks, they are anxious to make the refund check go as far as possible in making […]
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Perfect Pairing

Perfect Pairing Perfectly Pair local merchant’s favorite dish and beverage to enhance unique dining experiences! Allow NeoFill to offer great tips on how to accentuate great pairing combinations at local restaurants. Provide local businesses a risk-free promotional package from your media company, and receive exclusive offers. This offers your audience an opportunity to uniquely dine […]
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TicketFill Capabilities

NeoFill – your complete Ticketing Solution! NeoFill was designed with you in mind and in many cases, at your request!  Our purpose is to assist you in ALL of your revenue generating efforts. NeoFill’s TicketFill is a full service, high-quality solution that can design custom tickets for your local concerts, sporting, community and charity events, […]
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Work Less This Summer…

…and still make the same amount of revenue! Don’t consider the number of items in an auction as the criteria, many auctions can do well with only a few items that have a higher retail value. During the summer months when many of your staff members are on vacation, capitalize on large value items to […]
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Follow Us On Instagram

Neofill has been building valued partnerships since 1999 and now we are building our Social Media Partnerships! Neofill wants to continue to connect with you this summer on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! We have exciting summer contests where you can participate to win $25 or $50 gift cards of your choice. Fast, fun, and easy […]
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Let's Get Social

Let’s Get Social The first patent on the telephone was won in 1876.  Social Media became a term we understood in 2005.  No one ever made a fortune by simply owning a phone.  Nor will your station gain revenue by simply having a social media presence.  But, by picking up the phone, many have made […]
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MEDIA GROUP PRODUCES OVER $38,000 WITH JUST ONE ITEM UTILIZING THE NEOFILLBIDS PLATFORM FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hartville, Ohio July 4, 2016 With appealing high-ticketed items, consistent promotion, and NeoFillBids’ user friendly auction platform, your media group is destined to bring in similar income! Online auctions provide a marketplace with conveniently available and affordable products that […]
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