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Are You Ready to Give

The NeoFill Auction Platform paired with a NeoFill Donation Site are able to raise a great amount of money in a short period of time and it is much simpler than you may imagine.Follow this link to see how easy it is to create a Giving Community in your market.
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Let's Get Down to Business This Fall

NeoFill has been generating revenue with media groups for nearly 20 years.  Because of close partnerships with some of the top rated media groups in the nation, we understand your business. With a programming team on staff, NeoFill has been able to perfect the revenue generating machine that is the NeoFill Suite. Markets in Milwaukee […]
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Spring/Summer Auction Ideas

Each year the Federal Government refunds nearly $125 BILLION dollars. Have you ever considered how this could help your bottom line? It may seem like a stretch, but it isn’t at all! As Americans receive their income tax refund checks, they are anxious to make the refund check go as far as possible in making […]
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iHeart Media in Charlotte North Carolina raises over $100,000.00 in a single auction. Hartville, Ohio March 24, 2018 iHeart Charlotte showed off their savvy during their January come back to the NeoFill Auction Platform.  Many items that had a high retail value, items that were universally desirable as well as a wide variety of items […]
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Home is Where the Revenue Is

      Turn your Honey Do List into a Money Do List! You don’t want to pay full price for your home improvements and neither do your bidders. Take your honey do list and use it for your inspiration. Resurfacing the driveway, Roofing the house, Installing a new garage door, Laying a new floor […]
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Launch a Winter Flash Sale

Winter Flash Sale Fast & Easy Way to Drive Sales Determine days of the sale Confirm special promo code or markdown price for your deals. (percentage or flat markdown price) Indicate which promotions will be a part of the sale. Quick & Easy Online Setup Questions about getting started? Ask for Sales 866-311-9806  
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Custom Card Opportunities

DID YOU KNOW? NeoFill offers customizable gift cards to help boost company identity. With double sided, fully coated, durable premium stock, you have the ability to tailor-make your custom cards. Custom cards are unique ways to showcase each promotion and brand company image. Create a unique multi-business campaign this fall using some of these examples! […]
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Fall Campaign Ideas

Discount Deals Begin your Halloween/Fall Spectacular on a set date, or anytime between September and November. Haunted Houses Fall Foliage Tours Orchards Weekend Get-A-Ways Wine Tours & Wine cards Online Auctions Weekend Away Packages Tents, Camping Gear, Accessories Lawn care items such as leaf blowers Certificates to home improvement stores ATVs, RVs, Vehicles Furniture Click […]
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NeoFill & Social Media Integration to Grow Revenue

Social media platforms have entirely transformed the way people communicate and engage with companies. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow companies to display transparency and candor to their potential and existing audience. Believe it or not, your presence on social platforms matter! Social Media Examiner expert Michael Stelzner found in July of 2016 “90% of marketers […]
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Back To Basics

  Well, we knew it had to happen sooner or later…Summer is winding down and soon we will be back to school, back to colder weather and yes, back to work. NeoFill has put together a few tools to help your transition be as smooth as possible. Share this email with your team so that […]
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