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Perfect Pairing

Perfect Pairing Perfectly Pair local merchant’s favorite dish and beverage to enhance unique dining experiences! Allow NeoFill to offer great tips on how to accentuate great pairing combinations at local restaurants. Provide local businesses a risk-free promotional package from your media company, and receive exclusive offers. This offers your audience an opportunity to uniquely dine […]
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Custom Card Opportunities

DID YOU KNOW? NeoFill offers customizable gift cards to help boost company identity. With double sided, fully coated, durable premium stock, you have the ability to tailor-make your custom cards. Custom cards are unique ways to showcase each promotion and brand company image. Create a unique multi-business campaign this fall using some of these examples! […]
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Back To School / Fall Ideas

Back to School – Fall – 4th Quarter Sales Ideas! Back to School What Works Best: Sporting Goods Office Supply Stores Grocery Stores Electronic Stores Last Minute Travel Packages Halloween & Fall Spectaculars Kick off the season with fall promotions and online auctions your customers will love! Haunted Houses Wineries Fall Foliage Tours Orchards Home […]
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Work Less This Summer…

…and still make the same amount of revenue! Don’t consider the number of items in an auction as the criteria, many auctions can do well with only a few items that have a higher retail value. During the summer months when many of your staff members are on vacation, capitalize on large value items to […]
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Generating Revenue With NeoFill

NeoFill Delivers Generating revenue through Half Off Deals, Ticketing Solutions, Online Storefronts and Online Auction Sales, NeoFill delivers success.  Over 500 stations across the country count NeoFill as their revenue generation partner. NeoFill is leading the industry in fulfillment options.  Unlike discount sites that have become trendy, NeoFill is able to offer multiple fulfillment solutions […]
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Moms, Dads, and Grads

Celebrate important people and unforgettable moments! Make an extra $20,000 with great ideas for Moms, Dads & Grads! Don’t let Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Graduation sneak up on you! We have several great ideas to get things started, including campaigns that will not only excite your audience but grow your revenue in Q2 Download […]
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Home is Where the Revenue is

Want to make $20,000-$250,000+ in one week? Picture the lush and extravagant things you would love to see in your home this year but do not have the budget to make a reality: Kitchen or bathroom remodel, in ground pool, all new landscaping; Your audience feels the same way. Now let’s picture the list of […]
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Are you Dressed for Success?

Prepare to grow your revenue dollars with these top selling auction categories M.V.P. S.U.V. U.S.A. F.B.I. U.P.S. A.L.F. T.B.D.B.I.T.L. D.E.A. B.M.V. and R.O.I. Of all the acronyms that we recognize right off the bat, ROI is the one that may be most common in sales meetings. Return on investment is the percentage of the retail […]
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A Very Timely Tip

NeoFill has been in the online auction business for about 10 years. Over the years, we have learned and experienced how an online auction can be successful if implemented just right! We run auctions across the country and have recently concluded that the best time to close an auction is 1PM ON A BUSINESS DAY. […]
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Running a Home & Garden Expo in 2017

Guaranteed to Increase the Bottom Line & Digital Revenue BOOST Consumer Interest INCREASE Spending EXPAND vendor participation REVENUE Will Soar when an online auction is attached to the Expo! Engage the Expo Audience in a NEW, FUN, and INTERACTIVE way! Allow NeoFill to show you how a customized online auction site allows items, contributed by […]
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